Are You The Second Chances Episode 4 Postscript: A lot of good teams, and then there’s Kaylen & Asaf

This week’s episode was a bundle of fun. I understand that a good amount of people watching Second Chances are “Challenge Fans” like myself trying to get their reality tv competition fix. And I understand a good amount of them are disappointed by the lack of physical competition so far on this show, but I have actually loved it. It has been an incredible change of pace from the Challenge, people get to display their strengths and weaknesses, whether they are multi-dimensional people or just bland wheat toast.

In this weeks episode the whole house played around and had fun after the loss of AYTO head-ache and loser, Gio. It hurt my heart that we had to lose the beauty that is Francesca, but the house seems way more fun without Gio, so it is a major plus in the end. Devin is a dick, but he is fun to have around.

The house decides to play strip flip cup, to which the girls lose and have to run around the house naked. Then they have a debaucherous night where Mikala decides to pass on it and instead go to bed taking Cameron with her. Cameron is depressed to watch all the fun people drinking, twerking, and just being crazy, while he is in bed with his girlfriend. Hayden is also in the bed, just avoiding life.

We get a scene of a Carolina-Adam make out session, and that was apparently during week 1, which is great editing for the AYTO team.

The Mission: During the mission, the couples that were the best at compromising and having fun were able to do well in the shopping challenge. Tori obviously wants the approval of Morgan, and was often willing to compromise for him, and they finished in first. Mike & Alicia finished second due to Alicia’s strong decision making sense, and Mike’s hunger for her approval. While Mikala & Cameron finish in 3rd, due to them being an actual couple that is used to shopping together.

We have no clue where Devin & Rashida ranked, they had a first place gift by accident, but definitely were not in the bottom two. The same goes for Adam and Shanely, where they did well, but not top 3. Kaylen & Asaf finish in last, in good part due to Asaf’s decision to buy someone a chair as a gift. They lose half their bank for the second week in a row, dropping them to 7,500 dollars, paltry in comparison to the other couples.

The Decision: Hayden pulls a steal on Carolina for 30,000 dollars during the decision this week, and that’s a good steal regardless of how you feel about of about Hayden or Gianna or Carolina or any reality star for what it matters. On the Challenge Rivals 3, Jenna and Vince had to split 50k for a second place finish. Hayden got more money for fucking around in Australia for 2 weeks than people doing actual physical feats for 6 weeks with no good booze or food and actually almost winning. Hayden made the right choice.

I do feel bad for Carolina, she just wanted to play the game and be friends with Hayden. He took her trust away and stole the money. I would really enjoy watching Carolina on the Challenge, she really impressed me during many of the missions on this season. Reminiscent of Nany from Real World Vegas 2 and the Challenge, Carolina plays the game with her emotions, but during the actual physical game-play, she zones in and competes. Physically, they might have been one of the better teams, but the steal has always been a looming threat over the team’s head. It is done, and now we can focus on who is left.

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