All 30 Dirty 30 Player Previews Compilation

It was a good journey. Doing these players previews is often a bit soul draining, writing and analyzing the skill-sets of every competitor, looking through their histories as players, and checking up on their social media to find out the physical and mental shape that they are in. Some days it got annoying. Nobody wants to write about Simone Kelly, Nicole Ramos, or Christopher Ammon to only know that your post is going to be filled with negative responses, sometimes really mean, and in some occasions even homophobic. Though it sometimes feels good to learn little nuggets about these people, and the days where you write about Derrick Kosinski and he replies that he’s never felt that someone had ever analyzed him so well, that’s when you smile that it was more than worth it.

Thank you for those that have read these, and those that plan on reading more. I will be continuing my coverage of the Challenge, and am working on some fun ideas. I welcome story ideas too, if there’s something you want written about, tell me, that makes my life so much easier.

Also, many ask about the scores I give out as preseason predictors, and in complete honesty, I might put Dario as a 74 one day, and as an 84 another. I will be posting my ranking of scores that I currently stand by of as of July 12th, 2017, at 12:16 AM. These will be subject to change and I will also being doing some “Power Rankings” before and during the season. Will be doing betting odds of winning and making the finals too.

1 Jordan* 95/100
2. Bananas* 95/100
3. CT* 95/100
4. Darrell* 94/100
5. Derrick K* 94/100
6. LeRoy 87/100
7. Hunter 86/100
8. Nelson 85/100
9. Dario 80/100
10. Cory 79/100
11. Devin 77/100
12. Tony 76/100
13. Derrick H 74/100
14. Shane 64/100
15. Ammo 52/100

1 Cara Maria 94/100
2 Camila 91/100
3 Tori 88/100
4 Ashley 86/100
5 Kailah 85/100
6 Jenna 83/100
7 Amanda 80/100
8 Veronica 76/100
9 Marie 75/100
10 Aneesa 74/100
11 Britni 73/100
12 Jemmye 65/100
13 Nicole 64/100
14 LaToya 63/100
15 Simone 48/100



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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.