A letter to MTV, please bring back Averey Tressler to the Challenge

Allan Aguirre
4 min readJul 27, 2017
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Let me get this out of the way so that you know my true feelings:

I want Averey back on the Challenge because she is a good competitor, has always been an interesting character, and I have a major crush on her. On top of that, I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE ASKING WHERE IS AVEREY? The fans love this girl, and for some reason, MTV/Bunim-Murray has gotten into disappointing their fans consistently. Forgetting her is weird as she’s not even an older competitor; she’s three years younger than Tony, the same age as Cory, and younger than Ashley Mitchell. So even though she premiered almost five years ago, she’s still young and ready to kick ass.

Now that my feelings are out there, let’s talk about how other fans want her back:

Here’s a FB post appreciating Averey as being one of the hottest girls in show history. It had 146 likes, and comments such as:

“Please get this girl on the challenge again. Please. Please. She’s literally perfect.”

“She held her own against a woman who outweighed her by around 40 to 50 pounds in a physical competition. And she performed well in eliminations and daily missions. Hopefully she returns.”

“I would give my life for Averey to return.”

“If she is not on season 31, I might stop watching MTV in general.”

Both desperation and thirst over a girl many view as one of the prettiest to ever be on the show, and appreciation for her as a physical competitor.

Here’s a Reddit post wanting her to come back

There was another Reddit post about an Ashley Mitchell Instagram Live Video. The person detailed many things that Ashley said, and the biggest takeaway that everyone had was that MTV isn’t casting Averey, which is devastating.

You can find tons of these types of posts throughout the Challenge Facebook Group, Reddit, Twitter Fan Pages, Instagram, etc. On top of that, it’s not just us; Averey still goes to bat for these shows despite MTV not casting her. She wants to do these as much as we want her.

Averey is built for MTV. She checks off every type of thing you want from a reality tv character. Let’s go through the 4 main things: Drama, Hook-Ups, Physical Competition, and Aesthetics.

Criteria A: DRAMA

She was in literally the greatest fight in Real World history, and held her own against a girl twice her size.

She brings her emotions to the game, with her dysfunctional relationship with Johnny Reilly on Exes 2 was a good side plot throughout the season.

She was hateful towards Nany on Exes 2. After her Real World season, she became great friends with Nia (the same girls she tossed fists with), and to this day still has a ton of friends within the franchise.

Criteria B: Hook Ups

Averey may or may not have a boyfriend these days. Does it matter, though? In her one season of the Challenge, she was physically challenged due to her attraction to Adam Kuhn. This is a girl who described herself as a lover of sex on her Real World premiere.

The literal promo of Averey for this show is talking about how she has trouble controlling her urges. On the first day of their new job during their Real World season, Averey had sex with Johnny in the bathroom. She’s a legend for that alone. If any other cast member had done that, they would have gotten cast for 20 seasons.

Criteria C: Competing

It must get noted that Averey is a great physical competitor. She and Johnny had ups and downs the put them at the bottom of Challenges occasionally. That was not due to them not being athletic, that was due to Exes formats relying on tons of teamwork and chemistry, and they didn’t even want to be near each other, let alone work together.

In everything that was strictly athletic, they excelled. During swimming competitions, they were always a healthy 3rd place to Theresa/Wes and Sarah/Jordan, who are fishes in the water. They had great cardio and were a threat if they had made it to the final.

They also won 2 eliminations and lost their third to LeRoy and Nia. Both were 6'1 and massive compared to Johnny and Averey, who were around 5'8 and 5'5. Averey stood in the dome, going at Nia for over an hour in a physical elimination. The edge to Averey is incredible. She fights in eliminations and on the Real World like a veteran. She tosses fists so fast that it terrifies you what she could do when provoked.

Criteria D: Aesthetics

MTV…did the person who sends out availability calls forget Averey because he was too busy looking at pictures of her?

MTV, please just cast her already so that we can all be happy.



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