13 things we want to see on Bachelorette 13

Allan Aguirre
4 min readMay 15, 2017


Bachelorette 13 is coming right around the corner, and I cannot be happier. I was feeling the burnout a bit by the end of the Bachelor season, but now that MTV’s the Challenge has wrapped up, and Survivor is in full swing, Reality TV season is burning up. I’ve always enjoyed the Bachelorette a little more than the Bachelor. Most of the games and challenges for the girls are usually very cute and flattering, while most of the men are either complete goofball camera whores or regular dudes who are taken completely out of their element. Either way, it makes for good television.

Here are the 13 things I want to see this season.

#1 Rachel Lindsay

Our majesty, our savior, she has come back to us to be the jewel of our eyes and hearts while men vie for her love. Whether she is wearing a penguin onesie, a dashing red dress, or chilling by the pool with a beer, I cannot wait to see Rachel again on my TV.

#2 Good looking men.
As a heterosexual male who writes about reality television and interacts commonly with fans of reality television, and as long as the Bachelorette exists, there will never be enough good looking men cast. While some of Jojo’s men last season were aesthetically pleasing in the “bro” sense, we need some gentlemen out there in Paradise this Summer. It also infuriates me as a viewer to watch Rachel date a sea of 7’s, when she is an outright all around 10.

#3 No Mention of Jade & Tanner’s wedding
It’s almost like a trigger at this point. The nuptials of this famous Bachelor couple was a keyword that kept popping up during the Bachelor season. We all hate it, please move on from it.

#4 Taste of Texas
Rachel is from Dallas, so we most likely will be getting a decent amount of time out in the lone star state. While I don’t agree with some of the political inclinations of the state, it’s my favorite place to put a reality TV show, especially ones from the food network. Personal favorite Texas show is Real World Austin. Watching a Texas barbecue consisting of Rachel, brisket, and a bunch of guys would be very fun.

#5 Rachel’s Dad
He was not there during the Bachelor hometowns, mostly due to it not being a good look as he is a federal judge. However, with his daughter being the actual legit Bachelorette instead of a contestant, it may force her father’s hand to meet the group of guys trying to woo his daughter. Rachel is an amazing gal, so I’m sure Mr. Lindsay is as awesome.

#6 No Racism?
Simple, right?

#7 Race to be acknowledged, but not awkward.
Nick played it really well on his season, it was something that was always apparent, but it never got in the way of their relationship. Except when they had hometown dates where you began to realize that Nick is a white-boy from Wisconsin who looked like a stock photo.

#8 an appearance from one of Rachel’s Bachelor sisters.
Whether we see Raven or Alexis, it does not matter, those girls made the outtakes from last season super comical.

#9 No Nick, No Josh, No Rubby, No Luke, No Chase, No Chad

#10 A non-week 2 winner
Each of the last two seasons, it felt like the winner was decided immediately with all the weeks till the end meant to deceive us from finding out the obvious. Jojo was totally into Jordan, the same went for Nick and Vanessa, with this season, I want to Rachel to explore all of her options. It makes for a better show too!

#11 No Week 1 or 2 eliminated guys clinging to their 15 seconds of fame
Lacey from this past season of the Bachelor is the exact stereotype of a person who showed up on reality television with the game-plan of fame. She was eliminated week two and kept showing up at Bachelor related events from there on. While Izzy Goodkind was a week 1 eliminated girl who had a decent stint in Paradise, we have no need for desperate fame whores who were not good enough to make it through week 2.

#12 Rachel’s sister and mom to be around
This is an incredible bloodline, great genes, and all sweet ladies. They look very alike, and while they are family, Rachel’s sister looks like a little Rachel, and her mom is an evolved Rachel. Rachel’s hometown week on the Bachelor was probably my favorite ever besides the week where Jojo’s family grilled Ben Higgins for hours.

#13 Rachel finds love
That’s the ultimate goal of this show.



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