10 Reasons why Drake Bell is perfect for the Challenge

As some of you may have seen, Vevmo and TMZ recently leaked the cast for the Challenge Champs vs Stars Season 3. I decided that instead of writing an entire cast breakdown where I only really know half the cast in detail, I do one in-depth breakdown of why Drake Bell is perfect for America’s fifth major sport.

Drake holds a special place in my heart as the Amanda Show, All That, and Drake and Josh were three shows that defined my childhood. Drake and Josh remains to this day one of my all-time favorite shows. While he may be small in size (5'9 and 150 lbs), Drake will be a dominant presence on the show due to all his other strengths:

1 Good looking and charming

For years, Drake played the role of the teen hear-throb opposite of Josh Peck on Drake & Josh. He is a comedic actor who brings a charm to the Challenge that will get him instant alliances and hook-ups.

2 Light on his feet

The Challenge involves a ton of balance-related activities, be it jumping from inner tube to inner tube or running across a giant hashtag. As you can see, Drake is light on his feet, can do flips, and is ready to win any heights related mission. Add in his slender which will be easy to support.

3 He cares about the fans

Drake dropped the opportunity to be live on the Radio for the first time and instead to play live for his biggest fan. Britni, Kailah, Cara Maria, and many others have gotten big followings on the show because of the way they interact with the fans who support them. Drake cares about his fans. If you ever go to Disneyland, you have a 50–50 shot of running into him; I say this as a person who has run into him there and always see friends posting pics of running into him there.

4 He’s literally Spider-Man

Are you saying that you don’t want Spider-Man on the Challenge? If so, you must really love DC.

5 Real World Work Experience

Too many people these days come on these shows having never worked a job or are entitled due to their good looks. Drake made an honest living at Blockblister before he made it big.

6 Agility and Reaction Time

Often times we get too caught up in who is the biggest and strongest guy. Drake doesn’t bring any of that to the table, but watch him play Ping Pong and tell me he’s not a high-level athlete with his quick reaction time. He’s a modern-day Allen Iverson.

7 He has magical fairies on his side if worst comes to worst

Sometimes I wonder if Johnny Bananas also has magical creatures helping to guide him to six Challenge wins. Everyone needs a little bit of luck, and Drake has a lot of it.

8 He wants to win

So ABC had this show where celebrities faced off against one another in competitive diving. It’s a terrible idea for a show, right? Nobody told Drake Bell that. He went all in on this competition, messed up his face, and got concussed all while trying to win a celebrity diving competition. His meltdown is kind of funny, in another round, he had an impressive perfect dive with his female partner:

9 Flawed, but lovable.

In this scene, we see the often laid-back and chill Drake deal with adversity. In the end, he is not afraid of being open about his weaknesses publicly. He wants to get better and is okay with others carrying him when he needs it.

10 Soul of a Champion

TLDR: He probably would be out first.



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Allan Aguirre


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