10 Possible Future Bachelors

Allan Aguirre
5 min readJul 16, 2017

With the Bachelorette hitting hometowns, one thought is on the minds of a ton of Bachelor fans. Who is going to be the next Bachelor?

Last year, it felt like they kept Rubby, Luke, and Chase off of Paradise as they were deciding who they wanted to make the Bachelor. After mulling over the choices, none of which were jumping out to them, they ultimately chose Nick Viall after his comeback performance on Bachelor in Paradise. They may be waiting to see what happens in Paradise to decide, or maybe they have the deal done and are waiting to unveil once he gets eliminated from the show. I’m going to unveil 10 possible future Bachelors.

I do know that if they didn’t pick Rubby/Luke/Chase last season, it won’t be happening now.

10. Jared Haibon — 28 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 11, BIP 2, BIP 3

The world we live in today loves to celebrate mediocrity and blandness after years of being over-saturated with horrible people. Once you get someone that is normal, and has no outwardly major flaws, we treat them as if they’re something bigger than they are. Jared is a perfectly nice guy, and would be an interesting choice. I would love for them to make Jared the Bachelor with the caveat that Ashley I. is not allowed to be on the season in any capacity.

9. Alex Woytkiw — 26 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 12, BIP 4*

He is most known for the meme that broke out of him being a “former child”. The ex-Marine is 5'7 and is known being one of the shorter males on the Bachelorette. It would be really cool if they made him the Bachelor and gave him exclusively awkward dates, like his 1 on 1 with Jojo. The awkwardness of that date was great television.

8. Wells Adams — 33 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 12, BIP 3, BIP 4*

Bachelor fans have turned on Wells a bit. There was a point on the Bachelor Subreddit where whenever he was mentioned, I would comment: “It must be noted that Wells is hot.”, and that would be up-voted quite a bit. Nowadays, people are mixed. He’s dashingly good looking, however, he still seems like a boy, but it turns out he is 33. Production might be wanting to make the last minute push for Wells. On Bachelor in Paradise 4, he will act in the Jorge the Bartender role giving sage advice and possibly entering the game later as a contestant. They’re trying to make Wells happen.

7. Ben Higgins — 29 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 11, Bachelor 20

He’s already been the Bachelor and he got his chance. If it didn’t work, that’s his fault. Let’s not retread Mr. White Bread.

6. Ben Zorn — 28 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 11, BIP 4*

Also known as “the other Ben”. He was an interesting character on his season of the Bachelorette. Then he did not come back for a Paradise until a two year delay that will put him on Paradise this Summer.

If he has a good showing, maybe ABC decides to go in the direction of another Ben? I think he’s a stealthy choice.

5. Eric Bigger — 29 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 13

Now we have hit the real contenders who are/were on the current season of the Bachelorette. Eric has been my darkhorse all season to make the final two . There’s something about Bryan that I straight up do not trust, and Dean is too young for her. Whenever the two are together, they enjoin their time.

On Juliet Litman’s Bachelorette Party podcast, she talked with Robert Mills, and they discuss Eric as the “self-conscious” Bachelor. I found it hilarious. Thought I do think that Eric does show confidence when others show him affection, and with all the girls at his disposal, he could be a great Bachelor.

4. Bryan Abasalo — 37 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 13

Peter and Dean discuss Bryan and their worries about him. The front-runners talk about their biggest threat as they are not amazed. They know Rachel feels him on a physical level. Bryan is a player who in short segments that can play Rachel. On a larger level, they believe once that he is forced to have real conversations, that Rachel will realize that Bryan is not the guy for her.

I’m terrified of Bryan winning this season. There are toned down Josh Murray vibes with Bryan. I don’t think he’s a full asshole like Josh. He could be somewhere on that spectrum.

Based on his looks, and the fact that he seems bound for at least the fantasy suite, Bryan could be our next Bachelor. Maybe most likely.

3. Kenny King — 35 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 13

This would be a cool one. As Matt and Adam found their ways to the top 6, nobody knew who they were. Who actually had a ton of screen time for Bachelorette 13? Mr. Kenny King, the gentleman who was tested by a racist devil, and showed to be a bigger man in multiple ways.

Kenny is what you want for a Bachelor, not for a Bachelorette contestant. He is ready to settle down and looking for someone to accept him as a single father and pro wrestler. When you’re a contest, that’s a burden put on whoever the Bachelorette is. As the Bachelor, people are going in with the mindset of this being the guy they want, knowing his situation. The show could also accommodate him as the star with being able to communicate with his daughter, and maybe she can travel with him a few days even.

2. Dean Ulgert — 26 yrs old, past appearances: Bachelorette 13

After being the “once you go black, you never go back” guy, Dean has made a monster comeback. He is Rachel’s fun guy, someone she can have a chill time with, get to know, and ask about any of the other guys with. In all honesty, he’s been what Rachel was to Nick on the Bachelor this past season. A big upset would be Dean making it past Eric to the fantasy suite.

A hilarious tweet that I saw this week referred to Dean as the “Bachelorette’s resident 15 year old”, where in it there was a photo where Dean remarks the difference between himself and Bryan is that he’s a 37 year old man and scoffs.

Dean is seriously good looking, suave, kind, funny, and a feminist. If you are looking for young, hot, and fresh, Dean is the guy you want to market.

1 Peter Kraus — 30 years old, past appearances: Bachelorette

If this dude does not win this season, this article means nothing, and we can wrap it up, it goes to Peter.



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