10 Likes and Dislikes from the Bachelorette Premiere

Allan Aguirre
5 min readMay 30, 2018


You may now me as the MTV Challenge blogger, but do not worry, I love me some Bachelor. I had to wait till the show was on Hulu at 2 AM to watch it, nonetheless, I still had a glass of wine to watch America’s favorite pastime.

Dislike #1 WAY TOO MUCH ARIEWe had to deal with this dick for an entire season so to see him on screen so much during Becca’s premiere was truly lame. It was expected considering the two were engaged and she was on his show. Becca crying while looking at polaroids of her and Arie in the opening was cheap. By now, most fans know Becca, and if not, they will get to know her fast because she is the star.

Like #1 RACHEL
The former Bachelor golden girl left a sour taste at the end of her season. She did not get to show much of herself in either season, as it seemed like she took a back seat to the more peacocking personalities. Watching Rachel open with “Fuck him” in regards to Arie to eventually sageing her pussy. Every girl from Rachel’s original Bachelor season mentions how funny she is, getting these unfiltered moments was awesome.

Dislike #2 The number of intro videos
It is cool to get these videos in order to get a better look at some of the guys. However, once the limo entrances begin, you find yourself only caring about the people you are familiar with or the people with crazy costumes or gimmicks. Which is the point, right?

Like #2 Becca’s earrings
They complimented her eyes and ears very well. She looked glowing out there.

Like #3 How warm and welcoming Becca was to every guy
Even when meeting guys who bring zero pizzazz and swagger, Becca smiles and welcomes them with a kind and warm embrace. Ironically, this makes it a bit harder to decipher who she is into. You could read someone like Jojo and immediately know who her top five was. Similarly, in Rachel’s season, we basically knew the top four of night one.

Like #4 Jean Blanc

He comes in smiling and looking good. He charms Becca with some French only to have her learn it is her “catchphrase”. Jean Blanc leaves her smitten with his aroma. We do not know much about Jean Blanc, but we know he is winning the olfactory battle currently.

Dislike #3 Connor the Proposal Guy

When has this is ever gone right as a night one thing?

Dislike #4 Jordan waiting to button his blazer before saying hi to Becca.
It is quite obvious that Jordan, the “male model”, is a bit of an asshole. It is clear the minute he exits the limo. He keeps his head down focusing on buttoning his shirt to look his best. Dude, you are competing with thirty other dudes, when the Bachelorette says hi, you say hi back as soon as possible.

Dislike #5 Again, too much Arie
Too much, do not remind her ‘you are better”, just show it. Bringing in a cardboard cut out was especially weird.

Like #5 Garrett’s mini van
It was a cute approach, although the diaper bags were a bit much for me. A handsome with husband material potential is huge for Becca. Huge dislike for the Instagram posts he has liked.

Like #6 Blake’s animal stipend
Becca needs to do the math, if she can turn Blake into her husband, she can switch his animal stipend into her shopping fund. Imagine the dresses, shoes and food, oh my.

Like #7 Lincoln bringing cake
Bringing sweets to share is an immediate in. So many guys come in too awkward, Lincoln comes in confident and they share these bites. Much better than raw hot dog.

Dislike #6 Kamil
Imagine telling the Bachelorette on the first night you meet her that you want a 60–40 compromise relationship where he is the 60!?!?! Even Becca was like “fuck outta here”.

Dislike #7 Jake
If Liz from Nick’s season could not make it past the second episode after having sex with Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, Fake Jake had no chance despite his transformative year.

Like and Dislike #8 Chicken David
Though his personality was hit and he was handsome without the suit on, hearing him belt out “BecKA’s” was annoying.

Like #9 Christon dunking on Becca
This became a thing about two years ago when Travis Kelce dunked on one of the semi finalists for his dating show Catching Kelce. Then DeMario dunked on Rachel last season and now we have Christon, literally dunking over Becca on this first episode. Why is this a thing? And why do I love it every time?

Like #10 Hands on activities
Just talking makes you boring. I’m sorry, when she talks to 30 guys, she is going to remember the guy teaching her how to fish, she is going to remember playing with Play Dough with Clay. Guys need to step up their game even if it is out of their comfort zone.

Dislike #9 Chris and Chase
Nobody wins by starting drama on the first night and it takes away from the show itself.

Not Sure About: Garrett getting the first impression rose
The controversy regarding his social media has been not fun. It is hard to quantify because Garrett on the show has been awesome. Plus there’s the whole hullabaloo about the Bachelorette first impression rose predicting the winner of the season.

Dislike #10 Chris R getting the final rose over Chase

If Chase is fake, Becca would have found out on her own. Chris took the chance out of his hands and was more focused on being a rat than being into Becca. I do not like either, but I want to see two guys focused on the girl.



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