1 Casting Choice to make the last 10 seasons of the Challenge more interesting

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Before we start this article, you might wonder why I picked these photos. 1. I find that photo Kailah hilarious, like I lover her as a competitor and personality, but she has a funny I’m trying to hold back my crying face. 2. KellyAnne on the Island reunion was great.

My favorite trope when it comes to Challenge discussions, is when people discuss who should have been on a season, or when news that someone was supposed on a season and they were dropped. It’s an interesting what if, I have decided to look at casting choices that would have made seasons more interesting. Not super drastically alter, just change them a bit and make it more interesting.

For example: I’m not adding Rachel and Darrell to Battle of the Exes 1, that’s an addition that’s would dramatically altered the season. It’s like the difference between adding some salt to your scrambled egg, versus throwing pouring chocolate on top of it. It’s such a drastic variable that the show would no longer resemble what actually happened in our universe.

Challenge Invasion — adding Sam McGinn and Derrick Kosinski as the 5th Champs

It is known that for the Challenge Invasion that Sam and Derrick were alternates on the season. Most people were upset in finding out Derrick was not put on the roster, while Zach Nichols was. MTV was actually choosing between Derrick, Darrell, CT, and Jaime, with Zach’s slot being safe as they wanted him for the drama and hookups. People are not sure whether Sam was an alternate as she could not make the full commitment, or that they did not want her. Had Sam been there, it probably gives Ashley Kelsey another episode, and maybe changes around what happens with Laurel/Camila/Cara Maria at the end.

What’s interesting is that I believe it is better that Derrick waited for Dirty 30. Most of the eliminations were headbangers on Invasion for the Champs, and while Derrick is a beast, so was everyone he would have had to face.

Challenge Rivals 3 — Britni Thorton and Hunter Barfield replacing a team

Rivals 3 was littered with teams that quit or DQ’d: Brandon/Briana, LeRoy/Averey, Thomas/Simone, Tony/Camila. It led to them bringing in Nelson/Amanda as alternates, and then Devin/Cheyenne being brought back. There was room for at least one more alternate team, and that could have been Hunter and Britni. At the time, these two legitimately did not like each other, desperately wanted to be on, and would have been one of the more athletic couples. They were an alternate team on Rivals 3, and MTV decided to go with Amanda/Nelson instead.

Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines — Mandi Moyer and Bloodline

Mandi was rumored to have been dropped from the Bloodlines cast. This would not have mattered in the big picture, it would have just been a fun person to bring back for a blast from the past. She is now pregnant and doing well! Bloodlines was likely her last chance.

Challenge Battle of the Exes 2 — Shanley McIntee & Chris Tolleson instead of John Jacobs and Simone Kelly

During Battle of the Exes 2, MTV decided to bring on two AYTO couples. They really wanted Shanley McIntee and Chris Tolleson, one of the big relationships from the first season. Shanley proved on AYTO Second Chances this spring that she is a great physical competitor. AYTO could have made a bigger splash from the start if this couple was on. Shanley accepted the casting call, Chris declined.

Challenge Free Agents — KellyAnne Judd and Brad Fiorenza

Free Agents is the season with the most “what ifs?” All of the following people were linked to Free Agents and either withdrew themselves after the availability call, declined the final call, , or did not go for different reasons: Heather Cooke (withdrew), Tyler Duckworth (withdrew), Averey Tressler (alternate), Trey Weahterholtz (alternate), Paula Meronek (withdrew), Brad Fiorenza (withdrew), Susie Meister (pay dispute), KellyAnne Judd (withdrew), Joi Neirmeyer (alternate), Ryan Knight (dropped), Nehemiah Clarke (alternate?).

Why am I going with Brad and KellyAnne? Well, KellyAnne has only been on shitty seasons: Rivals 3, Bloodlines, the Island, and the Ruins. A real murders row of crap Challenges. Yet, she’s still a fan favorite, so let’s put her on a good season for once! Brad gets the nod as it either gets him to do more Challenges, or makes it the final one for him.

Challenge Rivals 2 — Tyler instead of Ty, Nia and Averey instead of Jess/Anastasia

For Rivals 2, Nia declined the call as she was busy working on her book at the time. This pair would have been a major upgrade over the quick exit pair of Jessica and Anastasia. One of the weird things is that MTV picked Ty over Tyler for being LeRoy’s partner on Rivals 2. Tyler would probably get frustrated by how poor of a swimmer LeRoy was, though he’d balance him out with his intellect, and both had tons of strength and size.

Challenge Battle of the Seasons (2012) — Team Sydney

It is known that a Real World Sydney team showed up in Turkey consisting of KellyAnne, Dunbar, Ashli, and Isaac to compete on Battle of the Seasons. They were then sent home for unknown reasons. It is rumored that some drugs were smuggled in. This is why a Fresh Meat team was brought on last minute, with Cara Maria’s name being taped on her jersey as it was rumored that Carley was supposed to be on that team. I don’t like the assertion of a Key West or Road Rules team, as those would have easily won.

Challenge Battle of the Exes 1 — Adam Royer and Nany Gonzalez being cast

So Adam Royer did not pass the psychological test to be on Exes 1. He and Nany were the definition of a dysfunctional relationship, and would have been incredible to watch on a Challenge. Crazy to think that it took a 2 season delay to get Nany on the show.

Challenge Rivals 1 — Katie Doyle instead of Katelynn Cusanelli

This really isn’t that super interesting. Katie was supposed to be Sarah’s partner on the original Rivals due to the plunger incident. Katelynn was terrible as a competitor, Katie was loud and fun to watch.

Challenge Cutthroat — Bronne being cast

It is known that Bronne from RW Cancun was supposed to be on Cutthroat, however he was later dropped, with Luke being his replacement. Bronne was a funny dude, would have been great to see him do one more show. Alas, all we got was Cancun from him.



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